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26-30 translation by Denise - Os Lusíadas [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Os Lusíadas (1572)

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26-30 translation by Denise [Aug. 13th, 2006|05:10 pm]
Os Lusíadas (1572)


26 (this first one is pretty hard)
"Gods, I leave behind the old fame, (I put it behind me?)
which the people of Romulus attained
And those [who] with Viriato, in the enemy
Roman war, so many became famous;
(What the hell does the following mean???)
I also leave the memory that demands them
a great name, when they raised/lifted
one (a great name) for their captain, who, a traveler
pretended a llama (?) to have the divine spirit

"Now you see well, committing
to the dubious sea in a light timber (ship)
by ways never traveled (used), without fear
of the strength of the South West Wind and South Wind, though they are greatly threatened:
Having already seen so many places (parts)
where days are long and where days are short,
they bend their purpose and insist on
seeing the cradle where the day is born

Promised to him by eternal Fate,
whose hight law cannot be broken.
that they have a long rule
over the sea that sees the violet entrance of the Sun.
On the water they have passed/spent a hard winter
They come [away] lost and worn out (weathered?)
It now seems fit that he be
shown the new land he seeks.

"And because, as you've seen, they have passed (experienced?)
such harsh dangers on the voyage,
tested so many climates and skies,
such furies of enemy winds,
that they are, I believe, warmly wrapped
on the African coast as friends,
and having fortified their weary fleet
returned to following their long route."

These words that Jupiter spoke,
when the gods, responding in order
to the sentence (decision?), each differed from the other,
different reasons being given and received.
The priest (father? god?) Bachus would not consent to that
which Jupiter said, knowing
that they would forget their feats in the Orient
if the Lusitanian people were to pass there.